The Supermarket Sorceress

Do you have a problem that needs fixing? A wish that needs granting? A desire for love, a need for protection, or maybe just great parking? Look no further than the local grocery store! Experienced psychic, witch, and high priestess Lexa Ros_an Ä

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Experienced psychic, witch and high priestess, Lexa Rosean offers spells for every occasion in this amusing, magically effective and easy-to-follow guide. Taken from history and legend, all the ingredients needed, such as baking soda, tin foil, honey, tea and more, are simple, inexpensive and as close as your grocer's shelves.,,With The Supermarket Sorceress, you'll discover how:,,-Apples, snow peas, avocados and cherries can help you look magnificent,-Eggs banish negativity (including feelings for a lost love),-Kitty litter works wonders on your enemies,-You can guarantee your lover's fidelity,-Turmeric, a turkey wishbone, a feather duster and a bunch of ripe bananas will help your fear of flying,-Mothballs protect against sexual harassment