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Magical Greetings!

What is it you seek? To find love or strengthen it? To achieve success? To bring healing, a better job, or justice to one who deserves it? To peer into the future? To contact your beloved dead? Start with the purest oils, richest incense, candles, and soaps, potent charms and gris-gris bags handmade by local practitioners. Christian Day, Brian Cain, and the Witches of Hex honor the old gods, speak spirits, handcraft spells, conjure changes, make waves, live every day surrounded by magic. And they welcome you to join them at Hex Old World Witchery in Salem and New Orleans.

Reopening Information:

Hex Salem and Hex New Orleans are open for in-person business! See our Visit Hex page for hours and locations.  Face coverings are required to enter the shops. Anyone who is unable to wear face coverings will be provided with curbside service. We will have disposable masks available for purchase at the door for one dollar.

Initiation into Witchcraft Hardcover signed by Brian Cain - AVAILABLE NOW!

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Exclusive New Product!

Introducing our new Soul Jars, expertly crafted by hand, no two will EVER be alike and you will not find their equals.  Experience the magick of our Soul Jars! When enemies are about and peace cannot be found, use the dark power of the Soul Jar to ensnare the souls of the living that you may bind and compel them to cease to do you harm. Use with caution and only in times of great duress for what is fed to the Soul Jar becomes your SOUL responsibility! Each Soul Jar arrives with instructions for use.


In honor of the Winter Solstice, we're offering sale prices on these magical products!