Demon Be-Gone Beeswax Charm Candle 4oz

Article number: ALLBDG4
Quantity: 4
Made in New Orleans with a Wearable Charm!
This natural beeswax charm candle was handmade with organic herbs grown in a New Orleans Witch's Garden, scented with pure essential oils from plants and flowers, and blessed with true Magic. Cast the provided spell then wear or carry the charm on its faux leather cord!

Burn this candle on an altar or table on a Sunday at dawn alongside a small bowl of salt. Light the candle and say, “Powers of the most high, let all malignity and harm cease and desist. Let no evil stand in this place!” Sprinkle the salt both inside and outsiContains 100% natural beeswax, organic herbs, pure essential oils from flowers and plants.

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Beeswax burns with naturally high intensity. Always burn on a heat-proof surface, away from flammable material and drafts. Never leave unattended while candle is burning and keep the wick trimmed to _ inch for safety.