Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in Its True Element

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Maybe you need money for things you•ve always wanted. In these challenging times maybe you need money just for the essentials. No matter the reason, you need Dollars, Euros, Pfennigs, Pesos, Lire, Rubles, Yuan, or Shekelsãyou need money!,You•re not alone. It•s surprising how many magic practitioners have trouble meeting their financial needs and desires. Shouldn•t magicians use their magic to do something about their poor state? Shouldn•t you?,Now, one of the world•s most famous magicians reveals a variety of magical ways to greater wealth in his eagerly awaited new book. In it you•ll discover:,Ç Why your money magic has failed,Ç Why your attitudes and beliefs have kept you from wealth,Ç How the fifth element can bring money to you like bees to honey,Ç Practical exercises, rituals, invocations and more that will bring you wealth,Ç How to design powerful and effective magical money rituals,Ç How to use Austin Osman Spare•s sigil magic to end your poverty,Ç How to alchemically turn psychological lead into gold and cash,Ç How to become lucky when money is involved,This isn•t another simplistic spellbook. It assumes you have little or no magical training and gives you everything you need to know and do to become a magical money magnet!,If you have some experience it gives you advanced theory and practical techniques to turn you into a money-generating monster!,Listen: You deserve to have all the money you need. Just imagine what you could do if money were no longer a concern. See how you can pay off all your debts. Think of how it will feel when you can get whatever you need. You can have money. You can even become rich! But you have to learn how. You have to discover a practical way to make the Law of Attraction work for you! You have to gain the information and practical training that will have money coming to you in every phase of your life. Today, there is only one source with all of this must-have information and training. There is only one book that can change your world forever. There is only one book that has all of the moneymaking secrets by one of the world•s most respected magicians. And this one bookãthe one you must have, read and useãis Money Magic.