Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G.B.G

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Founded upon the revolutionary premise that High Magick can be distilled to a few powerful and efficient steps, Louis T. Culling•s original edition of this classic magick book broke all the rules. Llewellyn is proud to present an updated and expanded edition of this pioneering work. The G...B...G... or _Great Brotherhood of God,Ó was a magickal order founded by acclaimed magician Frater Genesthai. Louis T. Culling, one of the initial members of the G...B...G... in California, was instructed by Genesthai to reveal the Order•s magickal curriculum when the time was right. Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, publisher of Culling•s original edition of this book, offers illuminating commentary, definitions, and discussion points to render these profound magickal philosophies and practices even more accessible and relevant for contemporary magickal practice. This new edition is also an interesting philosophical commentary, answering a number of questions about historical occult orders and figures like Aleister Crowley. The techniques taught in this curriculum include:,ãDream Recall and Interpretation,ãFunctioning in the Borderland,ãFinding One•s True Magickal Identity,ãThe Retirement Ritual,ãThe Invocation of Thoth,ãRitual Divination,ãImprinting the I Ching on the Body,ãThe Three Degrees of Sex Magick,ãThelema and the Magickal Will,ãInvocation of Human Quality,ãThe Rite of Transubstantiation,ãConversations with a God,ãMagickal Offspringãthe Familiar,ãThe Great Lunar Trances