Psychic Readings

Witches have always been powerful psychics and Hex features some of the world's best. Each gifted psychic at Hex is a Witch with decades of experience and will guide you using such tools as Tarot cards, palmistry, clairvoyance, and mediumship. As Witches, they will help you to manifest the future you desire through the power of magic! Our psychics have been seen in such media as TLC’s What Not to Wear, Chronicle, National Geographic, and CBS. They are available for walk-ins, appointments or phone readings, and also for séances, parties, and corporate events.

To make an appointment for a psychic reading in-person in our shop in Salem or to schedule a phone reading, call (978) 666-0765.

Our Team of Gifted In-Store Psychics at Hex!
 Colleen White Kyri Spencer Kyri Spencer  Kelly Spangler

Need a Psychic Reading Right Away?

If you just can't wait for a reading, check out the psychics below, all part of Psychics For Hire, Christian Day's own psychic hotline. Our in-store psychics are often on Psychics for Hire after-hours from home so this is the perfect way to find your favorite psychic when you need one!