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HEX is an old world Witchcraft shop filled with magical merchandise for both curious and Witch alike: for those who believe in spirits and those who summon them in graveyards at midnight; those who dance in the rain and those who command the thunder; those who pray for justice and those who stand in strength to demand it; those who believe in magic and those whose hearts beat with its fire!

Be sure to see our gorgeous new leather books of shadows!

Exclusive Magical Supplies

Choose the Shop! menu above to browse candles, wands, potions, pendulum boards, potions, wands, jewelry, incense, herbs, voodoo dolls, spell kits, ouija boards, brooms, statues and other fine ritual items found only at HEX! Whether you want a candle to bless your home, herbs and roots to make your own magic, a potion to attract love, the perfect ritual tool, or a Voodoo doll made by a real practitioner, Hex is for you.

Visit Our Authentic Witches' Altar

Cast a spell and connect with departed loved ones at our Witches’ Altar of the Dead. Thousands of people each year leave notes on the altars in both Salem and New Orleans and each November, on the night of the Witch Goddess Hekate, we burn the notes in honor of those cherished souls.

Whether you shop online or visit us at our shops in Salem or New Orleans, HEX brings you the ageless power of old world Witchery!

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  • IN70155

    Red Male Image Candle


    Salem Witches' True Justice Spell Kit

  • 9781578635061

    The Witches' Book of the Dead - Signed by Christian Day!


    Tumbled Rose Quartz

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