Magical Greetings!

Warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain present an old world Witchcraft shop for both curious and Witch alike: for those who believe in spirits and those who summon them in graveyards at midnight; those who dance in the rain and those who command the thunder; those who pray for justice and those who stand in strength to demand it; those who believe in magic and those whose hearts beat with its fire! Whether you want a handmade candle to bless your home, herbs to mix your own magic, a real love potion, books on the arts of Witchery, a Voodoo doll made by a true practitioner, or to have a psychic reading by an authentic Salem Witch, Hex offers a cornucopia of magical wares and ritual tools, many of which are exclusive to our shops! Be sure to visit us at our shops in Salem or New Orleans, or shop right here online by clicking the Products menu above!

Visit Our Authentic Witches' Altar

Cast a spell and connect with departed loved ones at our Witches’ Altar of the Dead. Thousands of people each year leave notes on the altars in both Salem and New Orleans and each November, on the night of the Witch Goddess Hekate, we burn the notes in honor of those cherished souls.

Christian Day and Brian Cain

Christian Day and Brian Cain are modern-day Warlocks with Witchcraft shops in both Salem and New Orleans and have been featured in such media as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox, NBC, Travel Channel, Showtime, and The Boston Globe. Each October, they host Salem’s Festival of the Dead and The Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball and, in August, they host HexFest in New Orleans. Christian is also the author of The Witches Book of the Dead.