The Modern Witch Tarot Journal - by Lisa Sterle

A guided journal for taking tarot readings to the next…

Article number: 9781454943129
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A guided journal for taking tarot readings to the next level!

Following on from the incredible success of 2019's iconic *Modern Witch Tarot Deck* , Lisa Sterle presents the accompanying *Modern Witch Tarot Journal*. Lavishly illustrated with all new full-page color work, the journal provides detailed guidance and layouts for:

• Studying the cards

• Recording readings

• Collecting and creating your own tarot spreads

• Tarot deck and books inventories and wish lists

• Compiling all your online resources

• Contact directory for your tarot circle

Compatible with all tarot decks and intended for all levels of tarot reader, the *Modern Witch Tarot Journal* is an indispensable tool for developing your craft.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Sterling Publishing (NY)
Publication Date: Nov 3, 2020