The Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt

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IWith its many mysterious qualities, the serpent has become an important symbol in nearly all the world's religions. In this book, Cooper explores serpent symbolism found in the art and artifacts of ancient Egypt, showing the two aspects of the serpent: as protector and destroyer. In the process, he gives a detailed description of the Ritual of the Dead, in which the soul encounters many trials on its way to the afterlife, most notably the conquering of the Apophis, or the manifestation, in serpent form, of evil. Cooper also compares the Egyptian symbolism with that of other cultures and religions, and looks at its connection to early Christianity. Cooper presented this treatise to the Victoria Institute in the late 1800s, and the members' discussion following his presentation is included in this edition. The work also contains notes and remarks by Dr. S. Birch, M. Renouf, M. Lenormant, S. M. Drach, and other Egyptologists. Including 127 illustrations from inscriptions, papyri, and museum collections, this is a fascinating study for students of Egyptology, symbolism, Christianity, and ceremonial magic.