The Ancient Ones by Kellianna

(Released April 25th, 2012)<br>Track listing:<br>1. Thank You Mother<br>2. The Ancient Ones<br>3. Mists of Avalon<br>4. Lugh<br>5. Wild Maiden<br>6. Bless Our Planet<br>7. Artemis of the Hunt<br>8. Daughters of the Earth<br>9. Witch's Reel<br>10 Ä

Article number: KELL-TA
(Released April 25th, 2012)
Track listing:
1. Thank You Mother
2. The Ancient Ones
3. Mists of Avalon
4. Lugh
5. Wild Maiden
6. Bless Our Planet
7. Artemis of the Hunt
8. Daughters of the Earth
9. Witch's Reel
10. To the Summerlands