Praesidium: A Handbook of Magical Defense and Protection

A compendium of historical English folk magic, modern day protection magic, charms, prayers, and praxis. A useful guide to the science behind the curse, this book teaches the art of the clay image, the witch bottle, the protective circle, candle Ä

Article number: 9781539525462
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A modern grimoire featuring historical English folk magic, powerful charms, ancient prayers, and effective praxis.  "Praesidium" means defense, protection, and aid when translated from Latin, and that is what this book of magic is about. Within Praesidium the reader will find rituals, spells, charms, prayers, and methods which spark the imagination and tap into the power of the mind. These works of magic range from simple to complex, and ancient to modern. They are collected from a variety of pre-existing magical methods, and original material from Austin Shippey's personal grimoire. Praesidium teaches the art of the clay image, the witch bottle, the protective circle, candle spells and protective charms, cleansing, binding, and unique magical charms which you won't find anywhere else. Includes:, -the signs and symptoms of a curse -the energy and feeling behind a curse -the clay or waxen image and its creation -circles of protection and banishment -the witch bottle and its creation -written and spoken charms for protection -the use of spiritual baths for cleansing -the making of holy water -how to consecrate a magical knife or "athame" -recovering from harmful magic -binding an enemy and restraining them from causing harm -sending a curse back to the person who cast it and more. For the average person, this may be the only book needed on protection and recovery from magical harm.