Practical Spellcraft: A First Course in Magic

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Now anyone with an earnest desire can learn to cast spells with this intriguing introduction to the craft. Written by a practicing witch, this all-encompassing first course in Wiccan magic simplifies everything from performing spells to conducting candle rituals and using a talisman. Also included here are:,,A general introduction to witchcraft, sabbats, Halloween, and the key tools and concepts of spellcasting,Candle, garden, animal, and self-defense magic,Spells for love, money, fertility, and health,A chapter on writing your own spells,This is a practical introductory guide for everyone. Love life gone limp? Reinvigorate your relationship with a seductive spell. Boss too demanding? Use a little magic to help her reconnect with her softer side. Lost your precious pet? Bring him back home with a heartfelt incantation.