How To Enchant A Man: Spells to Bewitch, Bedazzle & Beguile

Article number: 9780738711133
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Passion. Romance. Lasting love.All of this can be yours by calling upon the magick in natureãand the divine feminine power within.Whether you want to rekindle romance or conjure up the man of your dreams, this smoldering book of spellcrafting will show you how to find and keep true love:Ç Embrace your inner goddess by learning to love yourselfÇ Spark a man's desire with "come hither" flirting and seduction techniquesÇ Cast sexy spells for every moon phase, season, and day of the week Ç Enhance your magnetism and outer beauty with glamour spellsDesigned for the single or married enchantress, this easy-to-use guidebook shows you how to craft love spells using objects commonly found in nature. It also includes a spell worksheet for creating your own spells and charms.Whisper words of enchantment, light a candle... and let love illuminate your world!