Dream Messages from the Afterlife

THE POWER OF DREAMS TO LINK HEAVEN AND EARTH: We can have contact with the dead, and the most common and powerful way is in dreams. This book is a ground-breaking validation of dreams that reach into the afterlife for reunions, messages, and pre Ä

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The dead reunite with us in our dreams. Throughout history, genuine contact with the dead has come through intense and vivid dreams. Dream expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley presents a ground-breaking validation of powerful, life-changing dream reunions with the dead that bring comfort, guidance, closure, and the healing of grief: In these pages, you will find: True and inspiring accounts of dream visits from deceased loved ones, including pets Descriptions of the unique characteristics and types of dream visits How to benefit from dream visits from the dead Related deathbed visions and dream previews of the afterlife Premonitory dreams of death, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences Instructions for ways to invite dream visits from the dead