Astral Projection Plain & Simple: The Out-Of-Body Experience

Article number: 9780738702797
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Come explore the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and guides, gain insight on past events or possible futures, and experience freedom and adventure you've only dreamed about. Astral Projection Plain & Simple teaches you how to project easily, naturally, and safely. This complete guide is comprehensive in scope, with step-by-step instructions for both basic and advanced techniques. You'll discover many ways to learn, create, and simply have fun on the astral plane, including how to:,ãPerform astral healing techniques,ãDevelop your psychic potential,ãCreate an astral "watcher" to gather information,ãIncrease your creative and problem-solving abilities,ãExperience astral love and sex,ãEncounter beloved pets who have crossed over,ãTravel through time to explore past eras and places,ãMeet elementalsãthe "native inhabitants" of the astral realm